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With the exception of the "Canis Panther", most of the breeds discussed are not new - in fact some of them, like the Neapolitan Mastiff - are ancient.

Others, like Cane Corsos, Dogos, Filas, etc. were never commonly seen, which is why some people may think they are new. Some of them (can't say which offhand) are also not recognized by the AKC/CKC, so you wouldn't even see them at AKC dog shows.

With the exception of the Neos, I have never seen any of these breeds in person myself.

And considering what one breeder of Filas has to say, I hope I never do!

"You cannot socialize a Fila to like people. You can obedience train them so that you are in control, but you cannot socialize them to like people. A Fila WILL attack a stranger. Period. If they have the proper temperament, they will. "OJERIZA" translates to "hatred and fear of strangers."
You do not "make" them mean and vicious to strangers - they ARE, and there is no doubt about it.
They are not a dog for a person who has an active social life."

I know of someone who has two of these dogs, and also has two kids. She says she makes sure the dogs are locked up when her kids have friends over, but how long until someone makes a mistake?

So when all the pit bulls and Rotties have been banned, is this the next dog for the scumbag section of society? This is very frightening.
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