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First and foremost it is the adults responsibility to protect the child. A two year old cannot be held responsible for a dog bite. If you are seriously thinking of having a child one day think about what you will do when your baby starts to crawl and you have a dog that "may" bite. It may be better to let this guy be adopted by a family with older children or better still no children at all. This dog may be having difficulty with all the changes and may be very nervous thus the reason for the bite however I would not chance it.
My children grew up with dogs, goldens and one standard poodle. For a time I also babysat children. My kids on occasion used my dogs to help them to stand. The dogs would just stand there and wait patiently. Never did they ever show signs of aggression. This is the kind of temperment you want around children. It is easy to say that kids and dogs should be watched at all times and they should be, but it is not realistic. There will be times when you are doing something else and your baby may crawl on your dog. Do you want to worry everytime that he/she may be bitten?
Not so long ago there was a story of a little boy who was attacked and killed by a rottie. The other children in the family were put into foster care because the parents knowingly allowed an aggressive dog/dogs to live in the same home as children.
I love dogs but I am also an advocate for children and their safety. JMHO
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