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Pit Bulls are friendly and wonderful dogs!

I'm not attacking anybody, I'm just trying to make a point.

It's the low lives that own them and make them vicious and fighting dogs that's bad. My Pit Bull, Pit Bull Mix and GSD would never attack anyone UNLESS someone was doing physical harm to one of us. Which is normal for dogs to protect their family. But if a pit bull were to protect he/her family from someone who was hurting the family member, the pit bull would just be accused of attacking an innocent person. Just because it's a pit bull, which isn't right or fair. You can't condemn all pits b/c of some irresponsible owners.

That's like someone judging you for what race you are before getting to know you. And that's not right or fair either. I don't mean this to be racist, i'm just trying to find a good example to use.

People need to look and do research on Pit bulls. I never had one until my hubby brought petie home to me for my Mother's Day Present and you know what, I DON'T REGRET owning a pit bull. All they want is to be loved just like any other breed.
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