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I too have a "muscle breed". I have a pit bull, a pit bull mix, and a gsd.

All my dogs get along and very well with our 3 small childern ages 5,2,1.

They play (I watch them when they play and when they play w/our children at all times). We NEVER had any problems.

I'm getting really sick and tired of Sue S. (who needs to be evaluated) and everyone else who is bad mouthing these loveable breeds (due to the low life's who have nothing better to do).

Our dogs are loveable and love people. When people come to our home they (the dogs) get excited and jump w/tails wagging and of course the LOTS AND LOTS OF KISSES especially from our Petie he's the Pit Bull.

So much for my dogs being "Vicious".

I had it w/Sue she needs to do better background on breeds before she opens her stupid mouth. She's consistanly contradicting herself.

My honest opinion she doesn't give a hoot about the dogs it's all for publicity. And that's sad. I watched that video and it made me sick.

i do feel for the families whose children were attacked. But let's remember there are neglectful parents out there too and when they don't watch or pay attention to what their children are doing and something happens, they should also be held responsable.

I'm sorry for the long ranting but this frustrates me.
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