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Just fabulous!! Here's what I just wrote for my other internet forum home:

Well the Hedo II vacation was an absolute blast!! Sort of like kindergarden for grownups, lots of playtime & afternoon naps. The whole atmosphere was playful, not at all sleazy. Depending on your level of prudity, I guess....
Discovery Channel is doing an hour long piece on Hedo; they were there filming for a week. There is a good chance Mick & I will be featured in there somewhere. We signed releases.

High points: A week without clothes in the Jamaican sun. Clothes feel just weird. And I have a totally killer tan. Everywhere.
Jumping from the cliff at Rick's Cafe in Negril - 35 ft into the ocean. A total blast but not without risk. I did it twice and the first time landed badly & have spectacular bruises to prove it. I had to go a second time to get it right. What a rush!
Taking out sailboats - anytime you want during the daylight hours. Just beautiful...the beach is 7 miles long and the water is amazing. We also did lots of snorkeling, and took kayaks way out to this little island way out, ringed with coral reefs.
We also snuck out a kayak after dark & saw two huge leopard rays swooping around the boat by flashlight, and these really long blue skinny fish that come out at night, they were cool.
I won "most revealing" on Pajama night at the disco. I wore one sixteeth of an ounce of fishnet and VERY high heels. And perfume.
Grilling fresh caught lobster on the beach with Jamaican jerk sauce & butter.
The scenery was spectacular. ::leering::

Well, there's the G-rated was very very fun and like 90% of Hedo visitors, we''l return for sure!
Here's some info from a very popular book about Hedo II:
Cooper The WonderDog
Daphne The Destructo-Rott
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