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chico, i live in australia, here you could leave a dog tied up in the front yard 24/7 and let it howl and that is perfectly legal. noise is judgd on decibels here but i have been told a barking dog can be heard for a long distance in a quiet area. I have talked to the woman who owns shelly but she is a really sad case (hard life, tradgedy, and isnt the smartes apple on the tree) and it is hard to get her to understand. the other neighbours cant hear the dog because of the racket their caged cockatoo makes(they are the noisiest bird on the planet,loudly screeching and talking ALL the time) and their 2 dogs, they have also been friends with the neighbor for a long time so dont want to say anything. ahh god that really bugs me. but i am going over for one last attempt this arvo and if she wont do anything i will have to ring the council (animal control). but i dont think you can do it anonymosly here, but i will check first. thanks guys, poor shelly she really is such a cute little thing, i just wish there was a little door between our yards so she could come over and play and walk with us, i sure she wouldnt be a problem then (well....) she is just sooo bored.
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