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I understand Janet, its very hard to turn away an animal when the "owners" are saying, if you don't take my cat, I'm going to through it over the fence to your dogs! "If you don't take my cat, I'm going leave it on the street" I have heard much worst than this as well. Its much easier to tell someone to say NO! but unless YOU are in that situation and hearing this, I doubt you would say NO as well. Unless you work or volunteer at a shelter, you have no idea how cruel and heartless people can be. Any shelter can get over crowded temporarly, long as the animals are well taken care of, socialized, a vet comes in regularly to check on the health of the animals, and the workers and volunteers are doing everything possible to get the animals adopted. I don't see what the problem is. If you are doing all this SOS Mieow, which I read in your posts that you are, I think you are doing a great job to help the animals.
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