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Saying "NO"

Hi Katze,

Our shelter is located at a local Animal Control Centre and when they pick up stray cats, they conveniently leave the healthy/adoptable ones in the cages where we can see them as we pass by to our little shelter. If we don't take them in, they go straight to the SPCA. Our volunteers know this and bring the cats into our shelter pleading their case. Yes, we have the option to say NO, but in effect it means that the cats will be taken to the SPCA. I have tried to tell the volunteers that we can't save them all, but as I mentioned in previous posts - "when you look into their eyes ......".

Originally Posted by Katze
Does your shelter have policies and procedures in place regarding day to day operations? Maybe you should implement a moratorium on taking more cats in until you have the resources to properly look after them.
It is no excuse to say that it is hard to say no. Every "No-Kill" ends up facing this reality at some point.
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