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Re declawing. You are I think the first rescue org I know that has that attitude. Most have a contract that requires people not to declaw. I realize that some people break the contract but even reputable breeders can reclaim a cat if the contract is breeched a cat declawed. I appluad you for helping cats but please educate your clientelle about declawing and do not be so cavalier about it. It is illegal in most industrial countries, not accepted by groups like Cat Fancy or 99.9% of rescue groups so why not join the majority? <g> Personally, I cannot imagine allowing a cat to go to a home where s/he will be declawed. And I am not alone. Many people who adopt cats will not adopt from you given that policy. Most rescues have seen so many declawed cats brought in for behavious issues post declawing that they well know its adverse effects. How long have you been in operation???

I do not mean to be critical and appreciate your work but I do think you need to rethink this policy!!
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