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I don't think when a family is researching the type of dog to buy, that a pit-bull or one of the other breeds mentioned in this show would be a suitable choice for the MAJORITY of families.
The difference between pit bulls and these other breeds is that pit bulls were NEVER bred to be aggressive to humans, and before the scum got their hands on them they were known as wonderful family dogs.
They are notoriously bad watch dogs, and are stolen regularly because they are so friendly. One pit bull rescue I know of has guarding (Neos, Filas) breeds on the premises to protect the pit bulls! This is because the pit bulls in rescue have the PROPER temperament and are friendly to everyone.

However, I agree that many people should not have them if they aren't prepared to deal with possible dog/dog aggression.

Dog aggression and human aggression are two entirely separate things, which many people do not understand.
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