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Loose stool

Hi, my lab Halo has had chronic loose stool issues due to her food allergies. She has settled nicely on Wellness fish and sweet potato food, but it did result in the loose stool issue. Knowing I had tried (with my vet's help) many brands of food and this one works best to avoid the rash issues, I addressed the stool issue by feeding her pumpkin. It has very nicely solved the issue. She used to go five or six times a day and now goes twice and her stool is way firmer - still not hard, but much better. The pumpkin really helped with her. It was also suggested to me that I might have been feeding her too much, but I don't believe that was our issue as she was within the feeding guidelines. Anyhow, I'd try the pumpkin. PS Halo loves it and I don't have to put expensive canned food on top of her dry as a treat anymore - an added bonus!
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