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First of all I would like to say that I like all dogs and don't hate any breed of dog. My brother owns a really nice pit-bull and is a single man with no children who devotes a lot of energy to the dog, which he rescued from the humane society.

So before anyone gets defensive, because they take personally what I say, I would like to say that if you have one of these dogs who has been a great family pet and you are one of the people who are suited to owning this dog then I think it's great that you do and you are doing the breeds reputation well.

I think the point the show was trying to make was that certain breeds have been bred this way and it seems to be becoming more prevalent overall with certain breeds.


Personally myself I wouldn't take a chance getting a breed like that with small kids because the potential is there. When you research different breeds you need to consider all the different aspects of the breed and some breeds are more suitable to a home with small children. You can research, but lets face it you can only research so far.

I think that if you are getting a dog like any of the breeds mentioned or something you better have researched and be completely prepared and have the ability to train it.

The unfortunate reality is though not all people do that, yet they are purchased as family pets. It takes nothing to go to the humane society and adopt a dog who's history you only have a limited knowledge of and bring it home.

When something does go bad with a dog like the Dogo it could go real bad real fast.

When you own say a beagle, the disposition is generally a good family dog and if something were to go wrong, the results are not the same as if something goes wrong with a pit-bull, that is just a fact.

To simply state that if you are a good owner then your dog will not be vicious is not good enough, you have to realize the potential is there sometimes despite the best of intentions.

The expert they had on this show also made a point that she thought that owning any dog over 35 lbs, should require a licesnse, not just certain breeds but all large dogs, so I don't think she was making a blanket statement of all of a specific breed. She acknowledged that laws banning breeds don't work, because there is always a different breed or a cross of a breed that comes along that isn't covered in the ban, and there could be a vicious labrador retriever that isn't covered.

I own a large hound and I reazize that owning any large dog bears a greater responsibility in our society.

I don't think when a family is researching the type of dog to buy, that a pit-bull or one of the other breeds mentioned in this show would be a suitable choice for the MAJORITY of families.
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