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My first Foster

Hey everyone!

As many of you know, I have been looking to get Boxer for a while. Well, yesterday I met my first foster - Buster. His story is sooo sad. He was found as a stray and brought in to the SPCA. He was adopted by a young girl. A few weeks after adopting him, she found out she had to move to TO, so she contacted Boxer Rescue. They found him a home with a family. These guys have had him since december. Unfortunetly, Buster bit their 2 year old daughter -- in his defense, the daughter was crawling all over him .
So they decided to give up on him. This poor guy has been abandoned at least 3 times in his short life ( I think he's a little over a year old...). It breaks my heart...

Crystal from Boxer Rescue called me last night to see if I would be willing to foster. I, of course, jumped at the opportunety!! We're going to wait a week or two to get a feel for his temperment, and if we're a good match -- we're going to adopt him!! I'm so excited I could burst!! The only reason we're not adopting him right of the bat, is I'm a little weary of the child-biting thing. I have no kids, but do want some eventually... Althought, I do believe that the 2 year old was in the wrong in this case...What do you think, O' great pet board?!!

He's a little bit freaked out and scared right now, so we're trying to make him feel comfortable without overwhelming him. He seems to be panting alot and he whimpers when we leave the room. He's very affectionate and sweet...

Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart -- before I discovered this board I thought a rescue dog was a pooch who rescued people and that the only way to get a homeless dog was through the SPCA. I honestly would have never thought of getting or fostering a rescue before coming on this board...So Buster and I thank all of you. And to all the Foster parents out there -- I'm sure I'll be asking alot of questions within the next few days!!!
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Marie-Eve and Buster (5 year old-ish rescued Boxer)

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