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I too have a "muscle breed" (pit bull) who displays correct temperament for the breed - loving and submissive to ALL people and snarky with other dogs.

The difference between her and breeds like the Cane Corso, Dobie,Mastiff, Fila, etc is that these are guarding breeds, and correct temperament for THEM is to be suspicious of strangers and willing to actually attack if necessary.

Fila Brasilieros, for example, had a place guarding remote plantations. They do NOT have a place in busy urban areas, since they are very hostile to strangers and WILL attack for something as minor as being touched by an unknown person.

All the so-called "muscle breeds" are being perverted and exploited by people who have no business owning these dogs at all! These dogs were bred for a specific purpose which had nothing to do with propping up the egos of pathetic losers and wannbes who have severe self-esteem issues.

As for Akitas - Sherry E.Wallis, author, breeder and fancier has this to say:

Akitas frequently direct aggression towards strangers in the home, especially children. They also display dominance aggression in and outside the home. Perhaps all this aggression is related to a strong pack instinct where aggression arises from a perceived threat either to the dogs place in his pack or to the pack itself

All these breeds are NOT for novices, or for anyone unwilling to do their homework before bringing one of these dogs into their homes.

And as if there aren't enough problems with established breeds getting into the wrong hands, check out one of the newer arrivals on the scene. "Highly aggressive" dogs bred JUST to attack people. What kind of people do you think they will attract?
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