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Just finished watching the W5 seg and overall, I think it was good. But almost one-sided. Ultimately the message was that there needs to be laws in place that regulates breeding practices.
Lavender, I think you're right too. Obviously, if poor specimans are allowed to be bred and sold, then of course there are dogs out there that are beyond anything anyone could do...even Dr. Koren.
These "muscle dogs" are being poorly bred, no doubt that this was clear in the seg. But I think the APT and other breeds were given somewhat a bad representation. Like LR wrote in a different post about how these breeds NEED to be trustworthy with people even for the wrong reasons.(Handled in the pits. Without this trait how could you transport, or do after____ care?)
I wish the seg could have shown more thoughtful, educated differences of opinons, though.
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