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A big point of this story was to caution people about getting some of these "muscle" breeds. The fact that they are dangerous is not all a myth. It isn't always just the people that own them that make them dangerous, the breed can just be dangerous period.
There is scientific evedence that no breed of dog is inherently viscious. While I am not able to get my hands on that evidence at this time, when I do, I will let you know.

Dogs that are irresponsibly bred, with no concern for genetics - both conformation and temperment - can grow up to be unstable. If you combine that with an owner who has no idea of how to train or socialize the dog and you have a recipe for disaster.

I have a "muscle" dog. She is completely trustworthy and often the first big dog the neighbor children meet. She has been stood on, sat on and sometimes the boy tried to ride her like a pony. My son can take anything out of her mouth at any time. She is a joy to take places and everyone who meets her, loves her.

To say that a breed of dog can be dangerous no matter what is irresponsible.
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