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Re W5

Well I finished watching it.

And all I can say is WOW.

This poor little 4 year old was mauled by an Akita.He was in surgery for 18 hours.This Akita was a family pet and never showed aggression at all.The child was not left alone.The dog just attacked.The little boy has 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers.He still has nightmares.This happened in the summer in Edmonton.

Also they had a member of the Quebec SPCA.He said that there were 117.000 dog bites reported.And of those dog bites,58% where kids under 10.

Also there was a woman working for a trainer in Quebec who go fired for telling the trainer she didn't like the method that was used.The dogs where being hit to obey.Choked with a pinch collar.

Trainers are training dogs to attack.I'm talking about ones who sell these "gaurd" dogs.Some one went under cover to one of these trainers.They showed her a GSD.She asked where she would put this dog in her house.He said anywhere as long as there is no one around.She asked if she should socialize him.He said no way.You don't want him to be friendly.

They were talking about banning certain breeds.They said it didn't matter,other ones are being bred and are coming from foreign countries.They are stronger and bigger.

Like the DOGO.They are a bigger version of the American Bull dog.

It just broke my heart as to how they were training these poor dogs to be killers.

A woman got a Rottie pup from a so called breeder.She is having major problems with him.He could be the sweetest thing one minute,then nasty the next.She said that the father didn't seem very nice.She said she could see it in his eyes.She was saying that it was bad breeding that made her Rottie the way he is.Plus the dog is 2 now.And starting to growl at her kids.She was saying the breeder is still continuing to breed using the male dog.

Wel I think this is it.If I think of anything else I will let you know.
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