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prob w/neighbors barking dog

well next door to us is a little sausage dog, shelly. when we first moved in she barked constantly at us or anything, her owner said she would stop when she got used to us. well a year later and she is still barking all the time. now shelly is not taken for walks and is very rarely seen by her owner, they never play and she is just left there behind the big fence. so i figured she was bored, so i started talking to her, didnt help, so i brought her toys, kongs, balls ect, didnt work, so i started feeding her and praising good quiet behaviour and trying to train through the fence, she just eats the food, and keeps barking. i can scream at her in the middle of the night and she doesnt care, i have spoken to the owner and asked if i could walk her or play with her and they dont care and wont let me take her and dont care about me screaming in the night. my girl is not a barker, a quiet dog. my dog is great about it and will tolerate the barking for ages, just ignores it, but after about 4-5 hours of it constant she gets upset and then attacks through the fence, i truly think it is sheer frustration with the other dog not being able to shut up that gets to her, i know how she feels. i have tried blocking the view so she cant see us but it doesnt help. Oh please help us, i am loosing sleep every day, the last time i slept past 6am with out waking to shelly, i cant remember ahhhh. any suggestions? thanks for your help (this is a smily of me yawning)
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