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Yes I read the article that LR sent me, and printed it off and took it home (FYI we started sleeping on the blanket last night and got it nice and sweaty with our scents because it was boiling in our apartment last night) the good thing is, is that hb works from 4pm and I get home at 6pm so thats only two hours alone. if they are really not getting along in the first little bit I can put one or the other in seperate rooms until I get in. My only concern is that since Mya has become a better behaved Cat she does demand a lot of my attention and I just hope that she can share my time. However the person I got her from did have another cat and she said that Mya was always trying to play with the other cat who was older and didnt want to play. Im hoping that eventually Mya will see a playmate in Cali. I have to go to the pet store this weekend and get some more supplies. Mya has never taken to her bed preffering to lay all along the couch, so im going to get a bigger bed for Cali and introduce it straight away and hope that maybe in time they will both sleep in in (I saw a great one in zellers thats like a little cozy hut!) ANy other suggestions are greatly appreciated?
Thank you everyone for making this possible.
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