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I have a 7 year old Keeshond. He has canine seborrhea, which I am trying to control with medicated shampoos.
My question is there any other relief I can give him between baths. Anyone knowing the long coat of a Keeshond can understand my reluctance to bath him every day. It seems the longest he can go is 5 to 6 days... between baths.
I have heard of dry oatmeal baths ? Is there such a thing. For now, the summer makes things okay, but I dread our northern winters...I can not see bathing him 5 times a month in the winter...and not seeing him get sick.
Any ideas?
Plus, I have also heard that I might be able to use Selsam Blue...human shampoo? The medicated shampoo I use costs well over $40 a bottle...700ml. bottle.... If I could alternate between the two, it would help considerably in the finances, as I am recently unemployed.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
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