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Sorry to be the voice of dissent

Stanley Coren is really not all he's cracked up to be. I can cite some examples.

Have you seen the show where he is helping the couple whose little dog is scared of baths? His solution was to pick up the dog and dump him in the tub unceremoniously.

Well, I know the owners of that dog, and after the taping of the show the little dog had 14 seizures in a 4 hour period, ended up in the emergency clinic and almost died. The vet's diagnosis: "Don't stress out this little dog like that ever again!"

A friend of mine took a training class with him. She has a large, mixed breed dog. Mr, "Behaviourist" Coren walked up behind her dog - never having met him, with no warning - stood over top of him, grabbed his ears and playfully shook the dog's head around.

Now, you tell me ... is this a smart thing for a behaviourist to do to a dog he has never met? Is that not a perfect way to get bitten?

Stanley Coren has never managed to get a title on any of his dogs. Most impressive for a "dog trainer" don't you think?

The producers of the show were looking for people with dog problems a couple of years ago, so I called them up and asked them if Stanley would like to work with my dog-aggressive dog. After speaking with them for a bit, they told me that "I knew too much about dogs" and Stanley would not have me on the show, because presumably I would decrease his godlike status by having a clue of my own, and also because - according to them - he wasn't able to deal successfully with dog aggression.

Don't believe everything you see on TV folks. He is not as good a dog handler as his show makes him out to be.

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