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I have to agree with Cyber, my kids both have asthma and at one time I did think that my daughter was allergic to cats and she maybe, as my sister had three cats and everytime we when to visit her she would start sneezing and her eyes would get red and puffy. We recently adopted a cat, last november, and my daughter is fine around him, and we just took in his brother as well and she still has not had a problem with either or them. I keep the fur cleaned up around the house by using a swiffer duster and dry cloth. She does start to sneeze every once in awhile if I don't do this every couple days. But I give her some clariton and she is fine after that. I believe it bothered her some much at my sisters because she didn't clean up the fur that was everywhere. We would leave her house and be completely covered in fur. But it is the owners dicision about what they want to do with their cat, but there are ways to keep the pets as well even if there are people in the home that have asthma and allergies.
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