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This morning on my way into work, i was walking through the bus station where i saw a reseonably old collie cross ( probably around 10 ) She was lying on the floor with her head between her paws and looked in quite a sorry state, she had no collar or leasd or anything! I went over to who i thought was the owner, a very sorry looking old man ( not sure if he was homeles or not) and asked but it was his friends (sitting next to him) who very angrily asked me why i wanted to know, i said i just wondered if he should take his dog to the vets. He got up and walked off with his poor old dog stumbling behind him. I dont think i handled the situation very well, but i had to do somehting i was nearly in tears when i made it into work. Oh and here is a pic of tazz, i had to colour the outside in as i was in the background looking quite silly.
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