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just saying hi

my name is kristina. my pup, nehemiah, and i reside in miami beach... he is a four month old, black and tan doberman pinscher... nearly 30 lbs., paws as big as his head, and growing, growing, growing. i have chosen not to crop his ears; consequently, he thinks he can fly. i'm not so sure he can't... (his name means "comfort," by the way, because everyone asks...) he is my only furbaby and i have my hands full! we just discovered this forum a couple of days ago, and are as impressed as we are grateful... i've already picked a couple of your brains, as miah had a bit of a cold for about two days. happy to report, his sniffles subsided and he is, once again, into absolutely everything!

so, that's us. just saying hello. look forward to the information i will gather here and will always be open to learning... so, feel free to share any wisdom a new mom may need to keep a happy pup happy!

kris & nehemiah
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