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How long have you had the dog? Where did it come from?

You can just sit in the car at first without the engine on..sit in the back seat with her in the crate for maybe five mins give lots of praise and a small treat.

Next try sitting in the car with a window down of course, car running for a min. Praise her then you can begin the actually taking her out in the car on rides.

Try small trips in the crate with a treat before she goes in and a small treat when she gets in the crate.

Go just around the block then back home again..praise her like crazy and another little treat.

Next time drive to a nearby park...praise her and let her run and play, having a lot of fun.

Do this for awhile and she may get used to the idea the car can = fun

Some people use rescue remedy...but I wouldnt' suggest u start with that..considering you obviously wanna take her along with you many places.

Do you have the radio on in the car when you drive? If you do it may be too loud? IF you don't maybe put it on low as a distraction?

All sorts of things to try.
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