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re "provoked"

When I said "provoked" in my previous post, it was in response to someone asking what made this dog different. I believe they were asking the question in the sense of "why wouldn't she be put down?"

the post I had meant to respond to:

My question though is what makes Bandit different then other dogs who have attacked and injured a family members child or anyone else for that matter?Any other dog that I know of who has attacked is put down.So what's different in Bandits case?Did the Grandmother not say to put him down?I thought I heard that on the news.
my response:

I thought I remember reading once that if there were certain circumstances involved in a dog biting incident than the dog wouldn't necessarily be put down. for example a dog being teased and provoked. Maybe in this case they considered her protecting her puppies as a reason.
I don't know all of the information in this case.
My response was just a comment of something I had read once about dogs biting in general and if I remember correctly the words teased and provoked had been used in what I was reading at that time. For example a dog is minding it's own business in its own fenced yard and some mean strange person who thinks its funny hops my fence uninvited and decides to start poking at the dog with a stick and scaring it for their own sick pleasure, the dog then scared and threatened bites the person. Should that dog be put down?
This is what I meant by there could be circumstances considered before a dog is just simply put down for biting.

I have no idea of all the circumstances in this case, I was simply participating in this discussion and speculating on why they would possibly not put her down. When I said maybe they considered her protecting puppies as a reason, again I was just speculating as to why possibly they might not have put her down. I actually made no statement as to my opinion on that post.
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