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the dog

i never said the child couldn't have provoked some protective response from the dog, maybe by bothering or hurting him. but an attack that causes the boy to need 200 stitches in his face is in a different ballpark alltogether. does anyone disagree that there is a difference between what this dog bandit did and a dog who snaps or even nips at someone who has over stepped their boundaries? i'm not saying that a bite is a bite is a bite. only that THIS dog who bit THIS child is to blame.
someone mentioned that their dog was put down because he bit their child. i certainly wouldn't make any assumptions about you or your situation. i'm sorry that it happened. i was only taking issue with the posts that seem to favor this dog who attacked a child and for some reason hasn't been put down. my daughter was nipped by a dog because she pulled her tail really hard. the dog got popped and my daughter was told that what she did was wrong and when you hurt and or scare a dog like that they feel the need to defend themselves. if that dog had flown onto my child and injured her the same way bandit did, there would be no question as to the dog's fate. there is a difference between my situation and the one at hand... obviously... and that is my whole point.this
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