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Re: are you crazy?

OK wow! No one said the boy provoked the dog. The child is completely inocent......dogs all have a push point.Some don't like to be touched..or hugged or whatever. Where the responsibility lies is with the parents to make sure the child doesn't get hurt. I been bit by my dog. Did I deserve it...yup! Was there a warning bet! But big dogs and kids don't mix..its not the dogs fault, they are doing what natural to them. I hate when little kids get will leave them with a mental scare for life. But parents have to be responsible for what their kids and animals do, and to think why did it happen!
Originally posted by sznnn
ok i have 2 dogs of my own and have loved dogs, having been raised with them, all of my life. our family had a rottweiler and i have a boxer and an american bulldog. yes, the parents must be responsible for their children and make sure that they moniter very closely when around all animals. but, these are CHILDREN we are talking about. the animal is just that... an animal. i love my dogs with every breath i take, but the truth is i love my 3 small children more. if either of my dogs bit any child, not only one of my own, i would consider it the dogs fault. no questions asked. i know we all love our animals and we all want to give peace a chance and be politically correct, but lets not do it at the expense of our children. in my eyes, that little boy could not have provoked the dog into an attack like that. not a three year old boy. get serious, folks. if you want to turn this around so the dog is the victim here you must be totally nuts!!! i know they've published the dogs picture, but how about the boys? what is wrong with you?!!?
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