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Llama Therapy!

No, it was.nt PomPom, he has'nt reached that fame yet!! I think the Llama you are referring to is Charlie the Llama. The owners are the Stillwells. Very nice people we actually chat a few times a week!

Poor Luba! To get spit at in this manner! Yes it can smell quite a bit! PomPom obviously can spit, but will do it only if provoked very badly. e.g. somebody trying to pull at his tail, or push him around, or poke him! That he does.nt like! (Neither do i for that matter) He has been taught to be polite at all times! If i see that he is stressed by a situation, i walk him away , and relax him a few minutes! I.m with him at all times, and i don.t let people poke him, (yes, some might just to get him mad!) I find that having Llamas in a petting zoo is terrible, they get really stressed out. Llamas don.t like to be proded and poked and they don.t like eye contact. To them it.s a challenge! If you looked at the Llama in the eye directely for him it was a challenge, that.s why he put his ears down (he was warning you!!!) since u did.nt know what he meant, he then resorted to spitting! By the way they don.t like spitting because the aftertaste stays in their mouth for an hour after and it.s not pleasant at all to them to have that taste in their mouth! They usually look for something to chew after they spit to take taste out of their mouth!
Don.t worry about to-morrow , it might never come!
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