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Okay guys you all want a laugh so here it is!!!!

A few years ago, while with my parents at a local garden centre shopping for a Christmas Tree....I decided to visit their petting zoo area. Yes they had it set up for Christmas..stupid idea!

Anyway, deer, rabbits, sheep and yup a Llama!

I did the oogle google thing and kissy noises to the animals as we all do. The last stable was the Llama!

It looked nice enough, really it did!

I walked up to it, there was nobody else around and quite honestly I don't know what I did to pizz him off but I did.

He hauled back his lips, reared his head backwards and let out of his mouth at the speed of sound the biggest nasty gob of gunk you could imagine.

I had no time to move, it was that fast.

The mess of gob came right toward me, landing smack in the middle of my face. It was all over me!! AND it stunk sooooo bad it was the worst smell I have ever come by other then skunk.

I ran to my dad...he always had those man hankies...and he laughed his azz off as he gave it to me. I used it to get the most of the slimey gob off my face but it was sticky, stinky and a LOT of it!

I ran outside and washed my face in the snow.

I stunk so bad I couldnt' stand the smell of myself.

As we drove home, there I was hanging my head out the window to get fresh air so I wouldn't gag and vomit in the car (thank gosh we're only 10 mins from that place)

Eventually after washing my face and mouth and hair SEVERAL times with EVERYTHING in the house the smell faded!

So THAT is why they refer to me as Llama Luba
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