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Well i'v been looking for angelfish. I'm not quite ready yet, but I am looking. Today I saw some healthy nice looking ones at petco, but they aren't out of quarentine yet so when they are in 8 days i'll go back and take another look. The lady told me something interesting, at petco they take the fish to a vet when the first get them in. I never thought that they would do that with fish, but I guess they do. They had about 9 juveniles, two looked like they were marbels, a double black, and i'm not sure about the others. I really liked the marbel ones. I also bought some PH balancing stuff made spicifically for angelfish that i'm going to put in my tank before I get the angels. Poodletalk, I feed my fish twice a day, but i'm not a fish expert so i don't know if thats right or not.
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