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Thanks Lucky - the vet for the SPCA is also our vet and she says this cat is very friendly, a lovebug - sort of a Yin Yin clone. (tho she says she is hard pressed to find as laid back a cat (at the vet) as my YY. I am going to visit the cat (whose name is Mini Me) tomorrow. I might rename her Mei Mei so I;d have YY and Mei Mei, lol Wish me luck!

Yin Yin is very good with her claws (in the sense that she never uses them to sratch me - she does scratch her posts and sisal et al - but she likes to place her paw on my face as an endearing thing to do. It is sort of her signature hello in the morning). I just hope she will be OK with a kitty who is front declawed as this one is. This cat is also a year older than Yin Yin's mother is (she is 3) so I wonder about introduding them. YY was used to her littermates but she has also become accutomed to being Queen of all that she surveys,lol I hope being the seetheart that she is, that she will share.

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