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Do any signs of Cushing's show on a urine test? For some reason I thought we ruled that out with our last urine/ blood panel but perhaps not if it requires an ultrasound. Our vet stopped over this morning and checked on both dogs and did urine samples which were both normal. She checked her nasal tumor and suggested to get back on the doxycycline as her gums were red (might be due to pressure from the growth) however they look pink right now. Again, not sure if the nasal tumor is the reason for the vestibulitis but it looks more like they are entirely separate issues as all symptoms are improving slowly just not appetite. She said to try gravol and give her as many hotdogs as she wants if that is the only thing she likes. She did sleep well last night and wasn't up drinking as much water, just a normal amount so let's hope she will eventually like more than just a hot dog (and the fancy European wieners at that)
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