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Thankyou Lynn&Co.

Today she seems more stable and was able to get up the deck stairs herself, just has trouble going down and still no appetite. She likes cheese and peanut butter still so I tried to mix some peanut butter in with some lamb broth but she maybe had a 1/8 cup. I tried an egg with cheese but that didn't work. My husband thinks I'm trying too hard and that she will eat when she's ready but I just wasn't sure how long she can go without food and I didn't want her to get weak. Still drinking more than enough water and therfore up multiple times in the night to pee. Our older dog also goes out multiple times to urinate and woke up in a pool of her own urine this morning. That has never happened before so I have another call into our vet to give an update on Timber's vestibulitis and ask about Shiloh's accident. It's sleepless nights with these two at the moment.
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