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Originally Posted by Tharamis View Post
Vet said it shouldn't take too long. He gave us EnteDerm Ointment and apply it to his lip twice a day.
Quick update and advise for everyone.

The EnteDerm Ointment comes in a tube and when we first opened it the Ointment was very clear and runny. We thought that must be how it is. However Two nights ago it started to become milky and in the AM I thought what the hell and really moved the stuff in the tube around for a bit, squeezing it at each end and mixing it up. It's now really thick and and mucusy greenish yellow. It was a Dramatic increase in effect. Although we were seeing the lip get better. Only three treatments now after I mixed it and the swelling is down the color is coming back to his lip.

Just FYI - You always hear about mixing your liquid medicines... well mix your Ointments too!!
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