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Highwood, I am not a big fan of flying pets in cargo, because yes, as you are worried about, things do happen. That said, just over a year ago I flew two puppies from Ontario to Vancouver with WestJet, and it all went very well. The people were great, very understanding as I stood and paced waiting for them to come to us. I would assume since it's a short trip that it will not have any stops, that is good. I would try to do direct flights only. Make sure the dog has water before the flight and take him/her out to do business and all should be well. Be prepared for a messy crate just in case, I had clean towels, wet towels in case I needed to do a quick clean up, etc. The puppies were clean for 8 hours from kennel to freedom, so your should do fine. If you are super worried about stress ask your vet for a mild sedative, not enough to knock the pup out, just to relax him. Or try Rescue Remedy for a few days prior to the flight. Good luck and try not to stress about it. Your dog will pick up on your nervous energy and it won't help.
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