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Mouth Issue

Hi everyone,

We have an estimated 6yr and guess Mastiff Lab mix, about a week and half ago I noticed some redness around the little bumps that are in their mouth on the back of their lips. It wasn't bothering him so we held off on the vet as he was wrestling with our 2yr lab and thought he may have just irritated it.

I went out of town for about 5 days and when I got home the redness has spread further. We have a vet appointment setup for this weekend but wanted to see if anyone has seen this before and if I should go see the vet right away.

See attached pictures. Black lips are the good side and what they normally look like. Red lips are obviously the side we are having issues with.

It does seem to have some scabbing in areas (you can see a little in the pic) but doesn't seem to bother him at all. Although he doesn't like me touch it. He has been eating fine.

Any thoughts?
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