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She has been to the vet before, has had all her shots done and the vet didn't notice anything wrong. The usual check was clean, but I have to take her to the vet for her chip anyway so I will ask when we get there, cause it might explain it and if not, then maybe the vet can give me some advice or tips. And I haven't tried that one, I might have too. Maybe it'll work and she can find comfort in it. In some ways I am wondering if she just misses her brothers and sisters, cause she is a very social puppy, loves people, loves meeting new dogs. My boyfriends mom got a puppy around the same time we got her and they became instant friends, so maybe we need another dog so they can play and comfort each other. We have the two cats, but they are older (14 and 9) and don't want ANYTHING to do with her, they swat at her most of the time.
I was wondering if maybe switching her kennel would make a difference. Going from her plastic kennel to a wire one meaning, see if its the closed in thing that she doesn't like. Then again I did try making a make shift play pen in our room to see if she wanted just the freedom to be able to walk out and go pee. But she sat there and cried at me while I was reading my book on the bed.
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