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Hello briannedawn:

Just read your most recent post and have a little suggestion that you might find beneficial.

You mentioned about the dog already being stressed and scared all the time, and you also mentioned about seeing a new vet this coming week.

A product that we have found invaluable when it comes to stress levels in our cats, and also in people, and some have even used it for horses, is a product called "Rescue Remedy" and it's a flower essence by Bach.

We use it in our cats' water dish and also if there is any sign of stress, we've sprayed it onto their paws, or rubbed it on their ears.

With a dog, you could put a couple of drops into their mouths.

The product comes in spray form and also in liquid form and we use either one. Once upon a time when we had a health food store, we used to sell a lot of it to people who were under stress and they swore by it.

And of course, so do we.

You would find that your animal should start to be less agitated and less stressful within a matter of a couple of minutes. It basically takes the sharp edge off the stress. I find for long term, just add about 5 or 6 drops to her drinking water daily and this way she will be getting the protocol all day and it will have no affect on any drugs or medications that she may be put on.

Check with this new vet for his opinion of maybe trying a food change.

Our local vet quoted us around the ballpark of $1000 for any scoping work, but we would have to go to another vet's office about 2 to 3 hours away from where we live. She also asked for a diet change to start, for about 2 to 3 months, and then see about doing the scope, if necessary.
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