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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
This is an old thread , 2005 so I hope the cat has been fixed by now.
I took in wild kittens and found homes for them, I even kept kittens but mother cat would leave after her kittens were grown. I took in stray dogs and found their owners and those I couldn't i rehomed. I saved the neighbours dog and her unborn puppies from being put asleep in the pound because they refused to look after her. I spent years looking after dogs and cats in my home. Then my marriage broke down and everything had to change. People do all they can for pets. I still do. I have very little to live on but as long as the cats have their food I can go to bed with a clear head that at least the poor things have food in the bellies.....There are many people out there adore their pets but can't get the money together to provide the needs. Those people need help, but not too many willing to give the help they need. I hope to get my cat spayed soon, its not easy. But pet owners do their best
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