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Originally Posted by Karin View Post
Not from her area but in my opinion there is no excuse for not having a pet spayed or neutered. Taking on the responsibility of a pet means responsible in all aspects of ownership...not just housing & feeding. If someone cannot afford to alter a pet, how can they afford to treat this pet should a medical emergeny arise? With three cats the odds of an emergency happening are X 3. With 3 intact cats the odds are even greater. One emergency vet visit could cost more than spaying all three cats.

Check local shelters or Vet teaching hospitals for spay/neuter programs.
I think your very rude there for judging a person like that. You don't know that persons circumstances. She could be doing all she can to provide a home for her cats. Nothing is clean cut in life. I have 1 cat who comes in heat every 2 or 3 weeks. I also have other cats who were spayed many years ago when I could afford it. My circumstances changed. I went from a house that had the funds to take care of my cats and dogs and even the neighbours animals, to not even having enough food for myself now. I look after my cats and dog very well, they never go hungry. I go hungry most days but never ever let my animals go without their meals. I can't afford to get my cat done. She is indoors all her life and minded very well. So unless you know the person as a friend or friend of friend don't make insulting remarks on how the person cares for her cat. You cannot make judgement calls on anyone that you don't know.
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