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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
There is a food product on the market that can be picked up at the vet's and at some pet food suppliers that is Hypoallergenic which our vet strongly suggested I put Missy on. From what I understand they have done something to the product that masks the proteins or carbohydrates that are causing the problems with the animals.
They hydrolyze the meat, so that the meat proteins are supposedly not able to cause an allergy. However, they don't change the other ingredients. BUT, for some dogs, these are lifesavers. I would rather homecook if possible though.

From what I understand, food intolerance can be more of an internal problem re diarhea, throwups, bloody stools, and so on. Allergies are more apt to rear their ugly heads as a skin problem of some sort - severe itching, licking at their paws, severe head shaking possibly from ear infections - just to name a few.

I think under certain circumstances that an animal could have symptoms of either one or both at the same time.
I think that allergies and intolerances can show the same symptoms.
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