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I am not sure if vomiting blood is allergy related. But to give you my story briefly that my Boston has been battling allergies for 7 years. I was very hesitant to feed raw because of the mixed opinions. I finally did, at first it was Stella and Chewys but I found that rather expensive. I found a local butcher that grinds raw meat and bones and veggies for 3.50 a lb and I get 4 meals out of it. His meat is local, antibiotic and hormone free. I am even buying chicken (which I was told to cut out in her diet). She is still somewhat itchy (I feel its an autoimmune problem) but her coat has come back as she was getting bald spots and it's shiny and she absolutely loves her food. I do add a supplement called Flora4. I would get another Vet opinion too.
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