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Unhappy Dog has been vomiting blood off and on for MONTHS... help, please?

This will be kind of long, sorry:

I'm at my wit's end here. I've spent close to $3000 now and my dog is still suffering.

She started puking the dark coffee ground-looking blood about six months ago. I rushed her in and they did a bunch of tests. X-ray, blood work, and then an ultrasound the next day after the x-ray was "inconclusive". They ruled out any obstructions and diagnosed it as stomach ulcers.

She was treated with omeprazole and sulcrafate. She would seem to get better, and then one day she would puke blood again and back to the vet we would go. Never any new answers. My vet said the only way to "make sure it's an ulcer" would be to do a scope on her. Not only do I not have money left for this, but I don't see the point when it seems it IS certainly an ulcer. The problem I have is WHAT is CAUSING the ulcer?

Obviously something is, and it's something that seems to not be going away. I feed my dog homemade food. She used to eat beef but after this started, she's been switched to chicken. Its a mix of chicken, white potato, eggs, and peas. She also gets a vitamin/mineral supplement, glucosamine (she has patellar luxation), and salmon oil.

After becoming frustrated, I have now sought out second AND third opinions from other vets. The second vet was a holistic vet (I thought, why not?) and she was actually quite wonderful. She treated my dog with a chinese herb mix, as well as keeping her on the sulcrafate. My dog didn't have any vomiting for at least a month and I thought that that was finally it.

Then, this last month has gotten worse. Not only has she vomited blood a couple times (one, dark stuff and two times just bile with flecks of red) but she has started to poop blood! Thick bloody mucus just leaks from her bum and soaks her legs and tail. Obviously, back to the vet. Diagnosed as colitis and treated for it with antibiotics.

The third vet was ridiculous. Completely useless and basically just stole another $110 from me.

Please, can anybody give me some kind of answers? Or reflect on what this could be? I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know how to figure out what could be causing this! And I feel like she won't get better until I find the underlying cause, but my vets ALL seem unable to figure it out. Thoughts, advice, anyone?

She is an almost 4-year-old Italian Greyhound.
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