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OK so I'm not Canadian, I live in Michigan, but I came across this post in a google search and just had to join because it is the only support I've found for being a working fur baby mommy!

I have an almost-10 week old beagle boy that we brought home at 8 weeks and I've been trying to crate train, but my husband and I both work full time so we don't have time for the 2-week-long, micro steps slow process that so many crate training sites describe! I did take several days off of work when we first brought him home to get him situated, and I tried to get him introduced to the crate, but then I had to go back to work so getting him to accept the crate is turning out to be a very slow process. When I turned to the internet to find help/advice, all I got so far was people attacking me! "you're doing it TOTALLY wrong", "WHY would you get a PUPPY if you work full time?" and even "you're creating a monster!"

I think those are exaggerated reactions. We crate our puppy overnight with potty breaks every few hours, I play with him in the morning then crate him while I'm getting ready/leave for work, come home at 10 for a potty break, then come home for my lunch hour, then my husband is home by 4. We play with him/walk him all evening, sometimes crate him during dinner. Yes he cries every time we place him in the crate, but only for a few minutes usually.

Sorry for the very long reply but I just had to chime in because I was so happy to find other people in the same situation we are, that were more understanding, and not accusing me of giving my dog separation anxiety because I couldn't work up to 2 hours in the crate over the period of a week, "slowing my progression" if he cries! Because I couldn't do the crate training "by the book" I was about to throw in the towel on it, but this forum has given me confidence that it will be ok.
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