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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
I have always had success with :

Double ditto Pet Pharm. It's a real bricks and mortar pharmacy where you can go to get your own human medications. I have gone in person to pick up pet meds or I have them ship to me.

Check out where you intend to order from very carefully. If the place will sell you stuff that normally needs a Rx without one then you are dealing with possible contraband, stale or outright fake meds.

A Vet or licensed Pharmacist is required to dispense Rx meds to you. Don't take their word for it, get the person's name and check their credentials. When I started I found a place in Winnipeg with a fake address and the person they claimed was a Vet was not licensed in Manitoba. He didn't appear to have graduated from any Vet school either. I reported him to authorities in Manitoba and that place is out of business now.

Some meds you will want have websites you can check that will describe what legitimate packaging should look like and some will show you what commonly sold over the internet fake packaging looks like too.

Be careful.
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