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Glad things are going well!

We're not doing too bad either. Short walks for us as well. I also miss those days when we could go for longer, faster walks but given her age, I can't complain.

We just went for another acupuncture/ physical therapy treatment and continue with the Chinese herbs and Sashas blend.

Does your Gryph's hind end get droopy? Shiloh's bum seems to sink down when she is standing in one place for too long. Car rides are especially hard as she doesn't seem to want to sit but stand the entire time. I wondered if it is her knees only or a combination of things. She does have some muscle loss in her legs so imagine continued exercise is the best thing. She seems to be sleeping better too but still goes out at least once in the night but I can deal with that. The odd time she gets up multiple times but that seems to be happening less often. We are all getting outside more now that the snow is gone so maybe the extra sunshine is helping!
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