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Angel and Coho pictures

Thought I would start a new thread, with updates and pictures of both my fur balls.

These were actually from back in March. Coho is 9 months old now, still kind of gangly. Looks like he is waddling when he walks. When he is sitting on my lap cuddling, he is still super wiggly and half the time I am trying to catch him and prevent him from falling to the floor.

Everybody having a sleep in.
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Taking the warm spot on the stove. Coho is pretty smart about it, he will approach the stove top gingerly and if it is too hot or too warm, he will back away slowly and try again later. I have given up on trying to stop him from doing certain things.
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When he knows that he has been a bad boy, like chewing on grandma's orchid or knocking stuff over during his adventures, he will go and hide. Except he doesn't seem to get the whole hiding thing down right. He still does not get the concept of being seen just because he can't see others. He was so surprised when I tickled his sides.
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