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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Not to rock the boat or cause trouble, but it's possible the landlord is not being nice to your dog if he comes in when you are not home and the dog is growling at him. I have always trusted my dogs instincts about people. I would be very cautious about this, and ask the landlord to pre-arrange any showings when possible so you could kennel your pup. Yes 2 years old is the age they tend to start protecting their pack.
I was going to add to my comment that this might a case where the dog is being a 'good' dog and landlord is the 'bad' one. So I am going help you rock the boat and make waves. I am not sure what kind of rights tenants there are where the OP live but when I was looking at condo to buy the landlord who was also the seller would not let me into her tenant's apartment b/c she was not able to reach him and notified him about going into his apartments .
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