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Veterinary care is not always an exact science and sometimes the care that has worked well for one patient goes horribly wrong for another patient. It sounds like you have not only had the care go wrong but are also dealing with a vet who has poor interpersonal skills. Definitely time to seek a new vet for your puppy. You need to keep all detailed records of visits, phone calls, etc. as well as ask for copies of puppies chart BEFORE you leave them. Once puppy has been treated by a new vet (again obtain all records, etc) and has recovered, you would then have more of a chance of recovering through the legal system. Vets will likely not turn on each other so you will need to build your case yourself. It will cost you only the court filing fee so there is really nothing to lose when you are out an additional $5k. Good luck and hope your puppy recovers soon.
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